Prospective Trainees

Afya Bora Consortium Fellowships in Global Health Leadership will be accepting applications for the 2016–2017 Fellowship year, beginning August 2015. There are 20 positions available for health professionals interested in a 12-month fellowship (starting July 2016) in one of our African partner countries (Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Cameroon).

The Afya Bora Consortium is a partnership of eight academic health centers, five in Africa and four in the United States. The five pairs are:

The Afya Bora Fellowship will provide trainees with a set of practical skills that will prepare them for leadership positions in government, non-government, and academic health institutions in developing countries. 

The 12 month training program has 2 components:


In order to be eligible to apply all applicants MUST meet the following criteria

  1. Be a citizens of US, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Tanzania or Cameroon


  2. Meet ONE of the following education requirements